Digital memory books that
keep alumni connected

Keep your people close

BrightCrowd books are the easiest way for organizations to promote better relationships and stronger culture.

Connect and Re-Connect

Members create their page and share life updates, memories and photos in minutes.

Delightful discovery

Smart searching makes it a breeze to find others by name, interests, experience and more.

Inclusive and Engaging

Bring dispersed communities together to participate both virtually and in real life.

Simple and Easy

No software to download or install and no IT review required. Books are launched in minutes and require minimal ongoing management.

Private and Secure

Each book is private to just a designated audience, so members can feel comfortable that their information isn't seen or shared on the web.

Insights and Understanding

Organizations gather rich insights about their members and a better understanding of how to cultivate deeper engagement.

Lorraine Sarles

“We use BrightCrowd books for all of our reunions at the University of Texas School of Law - the books have been extremely successful with the highest rate of alumni engagement I’ve ever seen.”

Lorraine Sarles
Director of Development
The University of Texas School of Law
Mike Molinet

“My team loves sharing their personal updates and reading what everyone is up to. BrightCrowd helps us stay connected to each other on a more personal level, even when we are not regularly seeing each other in the office, providing a much-needed boost for our hybrid team.”

Mike Molinet
COO, Branch

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